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Solar Equipment Distributor

Discover Northwest SCADA, Canada’s leading Solar PV Distributor, renowned for offering top-tier solar solutions and SCADA systems optimized for the Canadian climate. Elevate your energy experience with our premium solar equipment. Start your journey towards advanced energy solutions today.

SCADA System Distributor

Our expertise extends beyond solar equipment – we are your go-to SCADA system distributor. Our state-of-the-art SCADA solutions ensure seamless monitoring and control of your solar facilities, empowering you with real-time data and insights to enhance operational efficiency.

Canada’s Solar Solutions

In the vast landscape of Canada’s solar industry, Northwest SCADA Canada stands out as a reliable partner offering tailored solar solutions. Our products are designed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities presented by Canada’s diverse climate and geography.

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Off-Grid Solar Equipment

Off-Grid Solar Equipment

In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, off-grid solar equipment stands out as a sustainable and reliable solution for those seeking independence from traditional power grids. Our cutting-edge selection of solar panels, batteries, and inverters is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring efficient energy production and storage for any off-grid setup. Whether you’re outfitting a remote cabin, embarking on an eco-friendly van life adventure, or securing backup power for emergency situations, our high-quality solar equipment offers unparalleled performance and durability.

Grid-Tied Solar Equipment

Discover the latest advancements in Grid Tied Solar Equipment, designed to seamlessly connect with the electrical grid and offer an efficient, sustainable energy solution for homeowners and businesses alike. Our state-of-the-art grid-tied solar panels, inverters, and monitoring systems are engineered to maximize energy production, ensuring you harness the full potential of solar power. With easy integration, our solar solutions not only reduce your carbon footprint but also significantly lower electricity bills, making it an investment that pays off.


Recreational Solar Equipment

Explore the frontier of eco-friendly adventure with our state-of-the-art recreational solar equipment, designed specifically for boats, RVs, van life, and other mobile living solutions. Our premium selection includes advanced solar panels, high-capacity solar batteries, and efficient solar inverters, tailor-made to meet the unique energy needs of your mobile lifestyle. Harness the power of the sun to fuel your journeys, ensuring your boat, RV, or van is equipped with reliable, sustainable energy, wherever your travels take you.

Weather Monitoring Equipment

Explore our premier collection of Weather Monitoring Equipment, designed for precision and reliability. Our state-of-the-art range includes Weather Stations, Digital Barometers, Anemometers, Hygrometers, and Rain Gauges, catering to both professional meteorologists and weather enthusiasts alike. Perfect for agriculture, research, education, and personal use, our products provide real-time data on temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall, ensuring you stay informed about current conditions and upcoming weather patterns.