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Northwest SCADA Addresses Solar Module Import Delays Due to New CBSA Regulations

Northwest SCADA addresses recent Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) actions detaining solar module containers to ensure manufacturing processes are free from forced labor. Despite no disruptions to their shipments, the company anticipates potential market impacts and has increased inventory and engaged with suppliers to mitigate effects. Northwest SCADA urges clients to communicate about upcoming projects for efficient logistics planning and to prevent project delays, affirming their support to navigate the new regulations smoothly.

A significant update concerning the import of solar module containers in Canada has come to our attention. Recently, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has initiated the process of holding containers filled with solar modules at various points of entry across the nation. This enforcement of new regulations requires manufacturers to provide proof that their solar module production chain, from the extraction of raw materials to the complete assembly, is free from the use of forced labor. We are pleased to report that, to date, Northwest SCADA has not experienced any interruptions or detainments of our containers. The selection process for these inspections appears to be conducted on a random basis.

Northwest SCADA fully supports the objectives behind these regulations. However, the industry was not given advance notice, which may temporarily disrupt the solar module market. In response, we have taken significant steps to mitigate any adverse effects this situation may have on our operations and the wider market. We have increased our inventory of solar modules and are in continuous dialogue with our suppliers to develop strategies that will mitigate any potential impacts on the availability of modules.

Furthermore, Northwest SCADA and our partners are actively working together to address and minimize the ramifications of these new import regulations. Through our collective efforts, we aim to ensure a stable supply chain and reduce any potential project delays for our clients.

We strongly advise our clients to maintain open lines of communication with Northwest SCADA about your forthcoming projects. Doing so will allow us to discuss module availability and the need for additional inventory to ensure efficient logistics management, thereby reducing the risk of project delays. Our dedicated team is here to provide support and guidance, ensuring that your projects proceed smoothly and are completed successfully.